Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Group is an essential part of the school.

They run the canteen, assist with organising events and sometimes assist in the classroom.  They also liaise with the Playgroup ‘Zwergenland‘.

New volunteers are always welcome!

Inquiries about Parents & Friends should be sent to

Please be advised that a police screening clearance is required when assisting within the classroom.  It can be obtained through our school without any incurring costs.


The Parents and Friends Group is an incorporated Association,
legally distinct from the School.

Here is its Constitution:   P&F Constitution 2011

Here is the current P&F Committee:

….Deliah Mahne            President
….– vacant –        ……..Secretary
….Lesley Taylor             Treasurer
….Lee Pfitzner

Here are Minutes of recent Annual General Meetings:

      P&F_AGM_25 March 2017_Minutes
…..P&F_AGM  28 May 2016_Minutes
      P&F_AGM_23 May 2015  Minutes
      P&F_AGM_24 May 2014  Minutes
      P&F_AGM_25 May 2013  Minutes
      P&F_AGM  26 May 2012_Minutes
  P&F_AGM_21 May 2011_Minutes 


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