Management Committee

School Committee as at 31 March 2017

Chairperson:            Patrick Wille             [1]

Vice-Chairperson:    Diana Harder            [*]

Secretary:                 Stefan Landherr       [2]

Treasurer:                 Jeffrey Colby

Minutes Secretary:   Dr Petra Lietz

Principal:                  — Dr Sabine Orchard Simonides is acting Principal

Member:                   Dr Sabine-Orchard-Simonides    [3]

Member:                   Dr Deliah Mahne        [4]

Member:                   Dr Peter Mickan         [5]

Member:                   Natasha Grundy

Member:                   Barbara Moellner       [6]



[1] Nominee of the Swiss Club of SA
[2] Nominee of the Landherr-Thumm Foundation
[3] Nominee of the Austrian Association of SA
[4] Nominee of the Parents and Friends Association
[5] Nominee of the Barossa German Language Association  (BGLA)
[6] Nominee of the SA German Association
[*] Newsletter Editor

 Committee Membership Referenced to Constitution      (pdf file)


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