Year 2-12 Set-up  V2a


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Combination of Frameworks

In South Australia, the curriculum is centralised and organised according to the SACSA framework (South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework) until the final two years of senior school, and is then taken over by SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) which is taken over two years, Stage I and Stage II.

For languages, the SACE curriculum is further divided into “ beginners” and “continuers” .  As is outlined immediately below, the School for the German Language is primarily catering for “continuers” and thus, by choosing the appropriate pathways from SACSA and SACE, continuity is assured within the German Language School curriculum as well as being able to incorporate these pathways into the pedagogical methods and teaching structures of the Framework German as foreign language – Rahmenlehrplan Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

From the earliest years, the School for the German Language emphasises competence in communication and has a high availability of linguistic resources.


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