Canteen Food Policy

Each week the P&F offer a number of food options to enhance the students’ and parents’ social experience of German School on a Saturday. These options are the sale of pretzels and sweets at the canteen.

The canteen seeks to give the students a small opportunity to use their language skills outside the classroom in a social setting.

Pretzels cost $2.00 and are available at the Adelaide High School and Sturt Street School sites, and occasionally at the playgroup at the German Club.

The canteen operates during the recess break at Adelaide High School and is therefore accessible to students from year 2 to year 12. On sale at the canteen is a range of sweets/lollies costing between 5c and 20c each.

Unfortunately trials of healthier options such as dried fruit proved unsuccessful.  We are unable to provide fresh food options due to the fact we only run once a week and lack storage and preparation facilities appropriate to adhere to strict food handling guidelines.

We suggest you discuss with your children your expectation of their use of the canteen and what is on sale there. We also suggest you pack healthier options as the main part of their recess lunchbox.

Thank you for your support.

The Parents and Friends Team


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